Front Cover

Chronicles of Hazard City

Artwork by Charles Yu

The story about a man declaring war on a cities underworld. Hazard City is a book that stars Dylan Price who is fighting a war to avenge a friend that is gunned down by a corrupt city.

First thank you for visiting my page. Hazard City takes place in a world that both complex, but also simple to understand. This website will be something that I will use to fill information as I move through the book.

I will be releasing chapters for the book every other week through a Patreon account that is set up for the book. In addition to the book chapters I will also be releasing shorter events that take place outside of Hazard City.

In addition to the world information, and the stories I also will be doing articles about interesting science breakthroughs and comic book theories.


Nina Cover

My first published book was called Nina. I did it as a school assignment in 2012. It was the back story to a side characters. I published it a few months on Was probably my first mistake since I didn’t edit it first. I edited it and then republished it on Amazon a couple months ago, but never got around to doing the cover for it.

September Newsletter

Ok so late in the month of August I moved. During the move I lost internet and wasn’t able to post publish the second part of Lucifer and Eva. I have since managed to get the book up and is currently on Amazon.

We will be continuing Chronicles of Hazard City. I should get chapters 10-14 up this month. That will put us a few months from the first draft being completed.

For Lucifer and Eva we will be having the third and last part coming out at the end of the month.

Ask for blog posts. I’m probably not going to be doing any this month. I am going to be prepping to open up small cart about half way through October. So I’ll be making and ordering things like bookmarks, and business cards. I’ll be posting those in place of the blog posts.

Justice League

DCEU – Where is it going?

The DCEU has had a bit of a rough start, but after the release of Suicide Squad, it seems like they are turning it around. Time will only tell if the DCEU will ever be able to compete with the MCU, but things might be looking up. Each studio has shown that they are building towards a bigger story line. Marvel is going with its Infinity War, but that leads to the question. What is DC doing to counter this?

So what is DC countering Infinity War with? Well clearly in direct competition we have the Justice League movies that are coming out. These movies won’t be competition, though. When I ask what is DC countering with I’m asking what is DC doing long term? What is the event that they are going to use to bring the entire DCEU together?


Let’s start with Superman, the man who started the DCEU. We saw in Batman Vs Superman, something happens to connect Superman to Darkseid. In the animated show, made in the 90s, Superman is brainwashed by Darkseid. He is then sent to Earth to attack and conquer it. Now if Superman is really dead, it is possible that they may have Darkseid resurrect him. Superman would be fighting against Earth and the newly formed Justice League.

Now, why would they do this? Well, first they can’t have Superman just get up from being killed. That would remove all the tension from every Superman movie going forward. To know that if Superman fails, and dies, as a result, it will be temporary will make us not worry when he is facing someone stronger than him. If Darkseid resurrects him, it’s a little better. It won’t be perfect, but still better than just having him get up.

The second reason why they would have Darkseid resurrect Superman. Having him sent against Earth will confirm everyone’s fears about the superheroes. This lends itself to the creation of things like Cadmus. This leads me to Amanda Waller and the Suicide Squad.

Suicide Squad

Amanda, The Wall, Waller, leader of Task Force X aka the Suicide Squad. The mid credit scene between Amanda and Bruce Wayne showed a little tension. Amanda knows about Bruce’s late night activities as Batman. Bruce knows about the Suicide Squad and tells Amanda to shut the squad down or his friends will. This eludes to the Justice League going up against the Suicide Squad.

Ok so now that we got some facts out of the way. Where do I think the DCEU is heading? First Superman is coming back evil, but will redeem himself at the end of the movie. The Justice League will be formed, with Superman being part of it. Tensions will continue to build between the governments of Earth and the Justice League. This will continue until the event Trinity War.

Trinity War is the event where three different Justice Leagues square off against one another, the usual Justice League, a Justice League of America controlled by Amanda Waller, and Justice League Dark. They fight over Pandora’s Box which is then used to create a portal bringing The Crime Syndicate to Earth. They can change some of the details around, and manage to get the Trinity War to work. Like having the Suicide Squad for the Justice League of America, and instead of Pandora’s box they can just use a mother box. After doing that, they can move on to doing the Forever Evil storyline which is one of their better-rated stories.

Now in this theory, there is one big gap. As of right now, no movies are coming out for any of the Justice League Dark characters. With the events of Suicide Squad, we can assume that someone would have taken notice of the magical nature of the world ending event. We can’t be sure if anything will be done yet, but it could be that a team will quietly form to deal with some of the more magical threats.

Currently, there are also two untitled movies coming up in the DCEU. The first one is in 2018, and could be a Batman movie, or another Suicide Squad. Either way, both heroes can show more of the universe. Batman being the head of the Justice League would always be on the lookout for threats, or allies. Amanda Waller would also be looking for people who could take on the Justice League. All members of Justice League Dark do use magic which is one of Superman’s weaknesses. The other untitled movie, it’s a little hard to speculate, but that would be enough time for something like the second Man of Steel movie. Another movie that is coming is the Shazam movie. Shazam is a magic based hero. There may be another Justice League Dark member lurking within that movie.

Now this is all speculation on my part. The reason why I think it is credible is that DC has made it a regular thing to make it look like the DC universe already exists within the DCEU.

So that’s my theory on what’s going on with the DCEU. I could be wrong, but it feels like the storyline they would like to do.

New Short Story

Lucifer and Eva part 1: Hell Gate

Before the creation of Earth, and the birth of humanity, the world
was much smaller. Heaven and Hell were all that was in it. The devils of
Hell fought against the gods of Heaven. To get through a wall that the
gods created, the devils sent a small group of demons to scale the wall.
Lucifer is sent to stop the demons, but before he can. They open a Hell
Gate into Heaven and the archangel Lucifer must stop the army from
coming through it.

As a patreon subscriber though you get the story for free. Please enjoy Lucifer and Eva: Hell Gate, and if you enjoy it please click the link and write a review on Amazon. It is also free for KindleUnlimited users

Wonder Woman’s Villain

This last week was the San Diego Comic Con. Both of the big comic company revealed new trailers for upcoming universes. Arguably the greatest trailer of the con was the first trailer for Wonder Woman. The trailer was a hit, making it big with most fans. The one thing that stood out, there was no obvious villain.

So Wonder Woman was created back in 1941 and because of that most of her rogue’s gallery is from World War 2. When considering villains, I looked through those WW2 villains to see if something could match up to anyone in the trailer. One thing that I found interesting was a woman that was wearing a partial mask across her face.


The mask is what drew me to her. Personally, I think regardless of who she is she will be the main villain of Wonder Woman. When looking through the rogue’s gallery of Wonder Woman, I found a woman that looked similar, though admittedly not perfect. This villain is named Doctor Poison known as Princess Maru. She is a master of toxins, poisons, and plagues. To me having her in this movie would be interesting. World War 1 was the first war of the modern era. One of the marks of World War 1 is the use of chemical weapons. This environment would lend itself to someone like Doctor Poison.

The specialty is not the only reason why I think that Doctor Poison is in this Wonder Woman movie. The mask is another reason why. When looking at Dr. Poison is was drawn in a full black costume with a mask over her face. While the costumes don’t look much alike she the image shown is taken a ball.

Now it has been said that the woman in the mask could be the DC villain Morgaine le Fay. Now I can see why someone would think that. The mask is very similar to hers. The reason why I don’t believe she is the villain is that she doesn’t really fit the story’s time. She is powerful there is no question about that. She can be controlling, she is mystical, but she strikes me as someone that DC would hold back for now and wait for the proper moment to use her.

As mentioned the setting for this movie is during World War 1. The scars from WW1 are still seen in Europe. It is a massive war that has a bigger casualty count than several wars put together. When you consider this, I have to think that there is no way Ares isn’t in this movie somewhere.


When I recognized the commander in this picture, I started putting the pieces together. If you don’t know, this actor is Danny Huston. He has been many movies, including his role in X-Men Origins: Wolverine where he played William Stryker. It’s hard to me to believe they would have cast him as some random general.

The other reason is that Wonder Woman is at that ball. She walks in, I’m assuming in the blue gown, and she is reaching for her sword.


She is not there to celebrate. She is at that ball to fight, and it looks like she is there to see that commander.

The reason why this movie has two villains, I don’t buy that Wonder Woman would get involved in World War 1 for no reason. She is an Amazon, who has lived her whole life not being part of the world. Why would she get involved now? If Ares were there, then she would have a reason to get involved, but another reason would be because Ares likes to work from the shadows manipulating events. World War One would be a playground for him.

Now I could be wrong. There is a rumor floating around that the main villain is actually Circe, and Wonder Woman will be told in two parts, one in WW1 the other in present day. Circe makes sense, but I think she is too powerful to be paired with Ares on the first outing. I also think splitting the story would be a terrible idea. Also, the entire first trailer is set in WW1, to start going back and forth in time would just be weird.

If you feel I missed something or think I’m wrong let me know in the comments.


Used Game

Video games grew out of the computer age. String your code together correctly, and you have something that millions of people will enjoy for hours. As this industry has grown we have seen video games become a powerful economic force, but there is an ongoing debate within the industry. Are used games hurting the game industry? My opinion, there is no way that it doesn’t hurt the developers. Although companies like EA, Microsoft, and the other developers are going about changing it wrong. Allow me to explain a little.

First thing that has to be understood about the used game market. Used games don’t help the developer at all. One hundred percent of the used game price goes back to the seller. Based on a 2009 report, I know its old, which stated half of the game’s price is pure profit. In contrast, they make about twenty percent back from new game sales. To give an example, Uncharted 4 released not too long ago. This game is currently selling new for sixty dollars. The price of a pre-owned Uncharted 4 is fifty-three dollars. When you take away the cost of the trade-in value you still have about twenty to twenty-eight dollars of pure profit. Now I’m not trying to say stop buying used games. However, I have seen several people go on and on about how game companies are screwing the player by making them pay to play a used game. They yell this while studio after studio is shutting down, and almost every major company goes through massive layoffs.

Now let’s talk for a second about why game companies need this money now. Oddly enough, EA’s CEO made one of the best argument in his quote to Gamespot about DLC and Season passes. “Eight years ago when I joined EA, we were publishing 70 games a year. And this year we might do twelve.” We can say what we want about EA, but I think that highlights how the industry has changed over the years. Productions for games take longer now than they have ever before. I have done game development, and it’s not easy. The people working for places like Activision, EA, Ubisoft, they are the best at what they do. To build the games as well as they do takes time, but because of that, they can’t release as many games. That means they have to get all the income they can out of each release.

Now, what can be done? Honestly, I like used games. I have no personal problem with the practice of used games. What I don’t like is people trying to force players to pay after they already paid a game seller. Game publishers have the power to force GameStop, and other sellers, to the table, and make policy that would give the publishers, and developers a cut of the sale. They need to work out an arrangement before they try and force the burden on players, again.

For where I got the EA quote:

July Announcements

So last month didn’t go as planned. The month taught a lot though.

On the Chronicles of Hazard City, I was spending the later part of the month deciding whether to take a break from editing the chapters and just writing the first draft. I decided that I did want to take a break from editing in the hope that I can get the first draft done in a few months as opposed to having a good second draft in a year. Things have worked out on that front. It has been three weeks since that decision, and I have finished three chapters.

Over the month of June, I did pose a question to other writers. The question was whether to take the drafts and publish them to patreon. Their advice was to be cautious about doing it. I have given it much thought, and I have decided that I want to publish the chapters onto the patreon site. If I see the response as harmful to the overall book, I will stop, but for now, I will start publishing the next chapter in a few days, and will continue posting as I get the chapters done. These chapters will be first drafts, which are raw, and unedited. So judge them with a grain of salt.

Aside from Hazard City, we are going to be having a new short story series. This will be the story of the Archangel Lucifer, and a demon named Eva. They will be published on the patreon, fully revised and edited, and will be published on Amazon.

For the blog, we will have a few more research article. The first is a small article on Batman Vs Superman and more specifically a theory I have regarding one of its villains, Doomsday. The second will be another research article on nanotechnology. This time I will focus on the medical side of it and talk about robotic cells such as nerve, and red blood cells. Finally we will have more articles about writing, how to create a world.

As side from that, I will just keep going on the book, and will keep everyone up today with what is going on with it. Hope you guys are enjoying the work so far, and if you haven’t yet like us on Facebook, follow on twitter, and subscribe to the blog to be kept up to date on everything.


One of the biggest controversies of Batman Vs Superman was the use of Doomsday. Earlier this week, I was watching the ultimate edition, when something bugged me. The AI in the Kryptonian ship says, “None would ever again give life to a deformity so hateful to sight in memory.” The words I am hung up on is “again”. This scene comes after Lex is taught about the knowledge inside the Kryptonian database. Both these scenes leave me with a question. Is there an older Doomsday?

So why do I have this question. In the comics, Doomsday was created by a scientist named Bertron. He wanted to create the ultimate lifeform. After killing the lifeform repeatedly, he lost control of it. The creation killed him and escaped the planet. Doomsday then went on a killing spree throughout the galaxy, almost bringing it to conflict with Darkseid. Eventually, he fought the Green Lanterns and the Guardians. The fight caused a tear in space where Doomsday was brought to a planet called Calaton. He was eventually defeated by an energy being called the Radiant. He was placed in a casket and set out into space.

Now they have confirmed that the creature in Batman Vs Superman is Doomsday, and I’m not trying to say that he wasn’t. In one of Doomsdays storylines, he was resurrected by Lex Luthor, with the help of Darkseid. In the comics, Superman was able to defeat that creation. At the end of the movie, Lex is shown with one of Darkseid’s generals, an alien known as Steppenwolf. It does indicate that there may be a connection between Luthor and Darkseid. With that connection, it is entirely possible that Steppenwolf helped Lex create this version of Doomsday.

Now let’s go back to the conversation that Lex Luthor had with the AI that controls the ship. The AI bot says that the research is forbidden by the Kryptonian Council. The AI bot used very specific words when talking about the experiment. It was as if the bot knew what Lex was going to create. It was as if someone had done the experiment before.

This brings me to the final point. How did Lex Luthor know that anything he was doing would result in a survivable creation? Let alone something strong enough to take on Superman. The only way that it would logically make sense is if the ship’s computers already knew about the experiments performed by Bertron. When you add in the laws that say you can’t do the research, the connection to Darkseid, and the fact that Doomsday is a tough S.O.B. to kill. I think that it is entirely possible for there to be another Doomsday in the DCCU.

If you think I missed something, feel free to leave a comment below.